OB1 Clear Hybrid Sealant/Adhesive


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Multi-Surface Construction Sealant & Adhesive

OB1 will maintain its robust bond when cured from -40°C to +120°C and therefore is able to cope in harsh external weathering conditions and in a refrigerated environment. Its bond has the ability to elongate up to 350%

The original formula makes OB1 the ideal sealant for under water aPre Packedlications even resistant to saltwater. Its hybrid polymer formulation can be aPre Packedlied under water and retains its initial bond

For instant repair or bonding with carbon fibre materials, fibreglass and GRP, this all-in-one sealant, adhesive and filler is all you'll ever need

The original solvent free hybrid polymer formula used in OB1 allows flexible adhesion that can move with the expansion and contraction of metal and steel without etching or burning the surfaces

OB1 original formulation has no solvents or isocyanates so it will not degrade the back of mirrors. It also has an exceptionally strong initial grab. Depending on size and weight of mirror in most cases OB1 does not require additional fixings while curing.

OB1 features Zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds) so it cures absolutely solid with no holes – unlike other sealants where bacteria can breed resulting in mould. OB1 never shrinks or cracks.

> Resistant to Fungal Growth

> Weather Resistant

> Exceptional Tolerance to Vibration

> Food Safe conforms to ISEGA Standards

> No Solvents or Isocyanates

> Does not Shrink

> Paintable

> Unique Flexibility

> Environmentally Compliant

> Works in Wet or Dry Conditions including Salt Water

Available in multiple colours: White, Clear, Black, Grey, Silver, Brown, Beige, Anthracite & Terracotta